2022 Downtown Occupancy Study

Downtown Kalamazoo’s real estate market is surprisingly healthy, despite the aggressive growth in residential units and loss of major office and restaurant tenants. It’s quite possible that we are under-selling the potential of downtown Kalamazoo.

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Market Update 2022 Q1

People remember 2008 like it was yesterday, and some are saying that we’re in a housing bubble that will cause prices to fall. I’m not so sure.

Today’s price increases are driven by two primary factors: demographics and low inventory.

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Graph of homes for sale in Kalamazoo County

Market Update 2021 Q1

Our quarterly residential market update shows that the Kalamazoo market is as hot as the national market is, despite the low sales volume. Is it the right time to sell? Well, that depends…

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2021 Downtown Occupancy Study

The results of the 2021 downtown occupancy study show a softening of demand in key sectors. While some of this can be attributed to the pandemic, the trend began long before Covid took its hold on our daily lives.

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