The Kalamazoo Small Business
Real Estate Expert

Rob was relentless at how much he helped me when looking for the perfect spot in Kalamazoo. Rob is a great asset to Kalamazoo and its further prosperity.
I knew exactly who to contact when I was looking to open my Chocolate Shop. He immediately saw my vision and everything fell into place. Cherri's Chocol'art will forever be grateful!
Rob is a humble guy who carries with him a large set of knowledge and skills regarding real estate, small business, and local governance. He is a GREAT guy to know in business and as a friend.
Rob was integral in the process of working through the steps of launching our store "The Spirit of Kalamazoo". His insight into downtown, his contacts, and willingness to participate were invaluable.

Commercial Real Estate Services


Working relentlessly with buyers and tenants to find the best location.


Leasing and selling commercial property, especially targeting area entrepreneurs.


Supporting investors in the selection, acquisition, and development of property.

Residential Real Estate Services


Helping buyers navigate the home buyer process.


Advising home sellers on pricing and preparing property for sale.